R&D Leaders: Is your life one long Meeting?

Do you sometimes forget why you were so passionate about R&D?

Leadership Sculptor works primarily with R&D leaders in science, engineering and IT organisations.
If you’re like most R&D leaders, you’re facing increasing demand for ever quicker results, while more of your attention is being consumed by fire-fighting and internal team tensions.

Balancing the external pressures against the needs of the team delivers the creative friction needed to ensure you are competing successfully.
R&D leaders who are taking this approach report that it reduces the number and intensity of the fires and increases their chances of getting there first.

The 21st century demands a new leadership paradigm in research.
In the old days, it was acceptable to push as hard as possible to get results, even if people got burned out along the way; there were always enough replacements available. This is no longer the case, so the old approach is neither sustainable nor viable. I sum up the new paradigm needed in my definition of leadership:

Leadership is the art of maintaining a dynamic balance between influencing others, by word and deed, to reach common goals and ensuring their development and well-being.

I’m CJ Fitzsimons, the Leadership Sculptor, and have been working with R&D leaders since 1999 to increase their performance.
I have a solid record of success in helping R&D leaders reduce conflicts and increase output. And have time for something other than meetings before 7pm.

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