Coaching Programs

  • Leadership Sculptor® for individuals
    • Individual Mastery I work hands-on with executives and managers who want to increase their capability to achieve great results through others and nurture effective R&D teams. Go here for complete details.
    • Recharge Day I work with executives who want to refresh – or develop – their long-term vision. At the end of the day, their vision is clear and they have the resources they need to fulfill it. Go here for complete details.
    • Just in Time This is a programme intended for those who have to resolve an issue quickly and need an experienced sparring partner. Go here for complete details.
  • Leadership Sculptor® for teams I also take executive and managers together with their team through the Leadership Sculptor® process. This accelerates the growth process for the unit and ensures that they can leverage their individual strengths for the good of the team. Go here for complete details.

2013_AndersRosengren “I decided to get a coach when I was preparing for a grant interview that was critical to my career as an academic researcher. There might be a certain threshold to contacting a coach, as it may feel like “overdoing” things. However, in retrospect it is difficult to picture a more efficient way of spending your time and money. In my case, we had a specific task. I needed to refine my vision, strategy and leadership philosophy to be in good shape for the grant interview. Considering how much time you spend writing the grant, having a coach for 4 hours was indeed well-invested time.

We had a very structured discussion, where I was first asked to define the goals and priorities for the session. I had prepared a text about my vision. Through critical questions we refined the vision, which made the foundation for the remaining discussion about my leadership style. This made the workflow coherent and efficient. CJ strikes a very good balance between suggesting new avenues to solutions and letting me explore freely. The process was highly personalized and helped me clarify my thinking and aims.

We also worked with the Zurich Resource Model which helps people to access the best of their capacity in the right moments based on mental images and embodiment. In this model, you tie a mental image to feelings and attitudes. I practised this just before the interview, and it proved very effective in helping me get the right mindset.

Overall, the coaching was highly tailored to my needs and personality. CJ helped me zoom in on the important spots without spending time on unnecessary issues and opened up new ways of viewing my situation. The 4-h coaching session has had lasting effects as it improved my self-awareness and self-reflection and helped me set a clearer vision.

So – did I get the grant? Yes, in fact I got very high scores on the interview part, to which I think the coaching contributed substantially. Now I plan a second coaching session with CJ on how to most effectively use the grant!”

Dr. Anders Rosengren
Associate Researcher, Lund University

Seminars, Workshops and Retreats

I also offer group facilitation and leadership training in a variety of formats, including customized off-site seminars, workshops and retreats. I deliver powerful programs, tailored to your needs, that facilitate long-term learning and change. Contact me for information.

“Great thanks for a great EMBO Lab Management Course (Ware, April 2011)! It’s already been a while since the course ended, so I’ve had a lot of time to see for myself how much I’ve learned from you. The things that you taught me have been very helpful in the running of my lab, recruiting new staff and so on. These were four most productive days of my life! I can’t thank you enough for that.”

Dr. Tomasz Wilanowski
Group Leader, Laboratory of Signal Transduction
Nencki Institute of Experimental Biology, Polish Academy of Sciences


Davide Danovi“The EMBO Lab Management course was very useful, extremely interesting and a lot of fun. Many of the concepts explained in it have brought awareness to my work life and still echo in everyday’s problems and opportunities. I fully recommend it to anyone who is willing to take up the challenge of building up a personal style to convey genuinely professional behaviour in academia or industry.”

Dr. Davide Danovi (attended an EMBO Lab Management course in Heidelberg, 2008, while at Cambridge University)
Director, HipSci Cell Phenotyping
Centre for Stem Cells and Regenerative Medicine,
King’s College London