Recharge Day


The Recharge Day allows you to take the time you need to confirm what you really want to achieve and identify how to go about it with ease.


We will identify what results you intend to get and tailor your programme accordingly. Based on what past clients have achieved, you can expect to:

  • develop your long-term vision so that your head and gut are aligned,
  • identify the resources you need to achieve it,
  • learn how to pass your own “elk test” – deal with the situations that you up, and
  • get a spring in your step.


  • The recharging begins the evening before – over a relaxing dinner, we take time to discuss your long-term vision, and how you would like your life to develop.
  • After a good night’s sleep, you fine-tune your vision, using the Zurich Resource Model®. This approach combines the latest insights in psychology, neuroscience and embodiment and helps to ensure that head and gut want to get to the same place.
  • You then identify the resources at your disposal to help you achieve this vision and learn how to integrate them into your schedule and environment.
  • We apply the “elk test” to unearth specific roadblocks on the way to your vision and develop strategies for you to deal with them.
  • Optionally, after a brief consultation with a qualified massage therapist, you receive a massage treatment (e.g. shiatsu, deep tissue, hot stone). Experience indicates that this can accelerate your integration of the day’s results.
  • You finish the day recharged and ready to move towards your vision.

Next Step

The first step towards your Recharge Day is a complimentary consultation. There, I’ll ask you some questions about your vision and what you would like to achieve. After this conversation, if we both feel that we are a good fit, then I will prepare a proposal for you.  To arrange a consultation, contact me by clicking here or by calling +49 (172) 737 45 09.


If you are interested in everything top-level leaders need to understand and practice for their leadership in an R&D setting, then check out my Leadership Sculptor® Individual Mastery programme . If you need some help with a pressing challenge then go to my Just in Time offer.

(Photo: Kuzma)