Individual Mastery


The Leadership Sculptor® Individual Mastery programme includes everything top-level leaders need to understand and practice leadership in an R&D setting. Your desired goals determine the programme’s content and form; it runs for at most six months.


We will identify what results you intend to get and tailor your programme accordingly. Based on what past clients have achieved, you can expect to:

  • clarify your long-term vision and short-to-medium term goals.
  • understand how your personality impacts your leadership style, how you can leverage these strengths and avoid any derailers.
  • appreciate and understand the opportunities and limitations that your organization places on your leadership, and learn to work effectively with these.
  • receive practical coaching on how to increase your team’s performance, deal with any conflicts that arise, handle difficult conversations and ensure that staff remain motivated.


  • In our first session, which usually takes 1—2 hours, we plot out the overall approach to meet your identified needs.
  • We schedule coaching sessions, for which we agree a regular time. Additional sessions can be arranged, as required by your goals and operational needs.
  • The content of the programme is determined by your needs. Typical elements include:
    • A session with the Zurich Resource Model (ZRM) to help you identify your key vision and resources to support achieving it.
    • An Enneagram personality assessment that allows you to better understand your natural strengths and potential derailers.
    • Understanding how to identify and manage the various stakeholders in your area of responsibility.
    • How to run meetings that produce results.
    • Recognise your own patterns in a conflict and how to manage those at work effectively.
    • Learn to use a variety of tools to identify how to solve problems quickly.
  • The option to continue coaching month-to-month after the initial program.

Next Step

The first step in mastering your leadership challenges is a complimentary consultation. There, I’ll ask you some questions about your role and strengths, your team and your organisation, and your current and up-coming challenges. After this conversation, if we both feel that we are a good fit, then I will prepare a proposal for you that outlines your options.  To arrange a consultation, contact me by clicking here or by calling +49 (172) 737 45 09.


If you just need a quick refresher on your long-term vision, then check out my Recharge Day. If you need some help with a pressing challenge then go to my Just in Time offer.