F_und_W_10I like to help research leaders who operate in competitive environments and want to maximize productivity and reduce conflicts, so they can more easily achieve something important with their lives.

Drawing on my 17 years in research and 15 years as a leadership development consultant, trainer and coach, I have designed a systematic approach (Leadership Sculptor®) to help both newly-promoted and well-established R&D leaders to outperform their targets. My approach is uniquely effective because I hone their leadership edge, using their scientific skill set to enhance their emotional intelligence. F_und_W_13

My clients are from leading R&D organizations in European countries such as Germany, UK, France, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Spain and Portugal. I customize all coaching and training programmes to the specific needs of my clients.

F_und_W_59They report the efficiency of this fun approach helps them to build a personal style of leadership that conveys genuinely professional behavior. They clarify their professional vision, grow their staff to be more independent and learn to balance the conflicting demands on their time and resources.

My expertise includes executive coaching, leadership development, team development, vision and strategy, project management, programme management, workshop facilitation and public speaking.

If you want to read more about my journey to developing the Leadership Sculptor approach, read here.

I’d love to hear from you if you have questions or comments about leading in R&D environments. 

Photos: Uli Wiesmeier

Additional Positions

International Enneagram Association
Member of the board (2009—13), including Secretary (2011) and Vice President (2012—13). Was responsible for setting up International Enneagram Association Publications and editing the Enneagram Journal, the only refereed journal for Enneagram research and thought.

German Project Management Association
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board (2004-5). Advised on the development of the standard work Projekt Manager and consulted on its translation into English.

Additional Training
In addition to my formal education in Mathematics, I have been trained and certified in the following:

  • Performance Coaching, Performance Consultants (John Whitmore), UK (2000)
  • Psychodrama and Organizational Development, Moreno Institute Stuttgart, Germany (2003—4)
  • Enneagram Teacher in the Narrative Tradition (Helen Palmer), Gesellschaft für Enneagramm, Germany (2001—2)
  • Cross-Cultural Conflict Resolution with Birgitt Williams, All-In-One-Spirit, Germany (2005)
  • Certified Performance Coach and Consultant (Petzold’s integrative approach), cct Hornberg, Germany (recognized by the DBVC) (2005—6)
  • What type of leader are you? (Bogda & Associates, San Diego, USA) (2008)
  • ZRM – Zurich Resource Model with Frank Krause, Konstanz, Germany (2010)
  • Neuroscience of Personality – Brain Savvy Insights for All Types of People with Prof. Dario Nardi (UCLA, USA) (2012)
  • Structural Constellations Business Training with Insa Sparrer & Matthias Varga von Kibed, Munich, Germany (2005, 2012)

I also regularly receive coaching and supervision as part of my professional development.

Publications – Books

  • H.-E. Hoffmann, Y.-G. Schoper, C.J. Fitzsimons Internationales Projektmanagement – interkulturelle Zusammenarbeit in der Praxis (dtv, 2004)
  • Karl-Heinz Dorn, C. J. Fitzsimons, Andreas Frick, Roland Marré, Gerrit Kerber, Klaus Wagenhals Innovationen durch Projektmanagement – oder?! Beiträge zur Konferenz “interPM” Glashütten 2008 (dpunkt, 2008)
  • Karl-Heinz Dorn, Martin Engstler, C. J. Fitzsimons, Gerrit Kerber, Klaus Wagenhals, Reinhard Wagner Projekte als Kulturerlebnis: Beiträge zur Konferenz >>interPM<< Glashütten 2009 (dpunkt, 2009)
  • Mary Bast and C.J. Fitzsimons Somebody? Nobody?  The Enneagram, Mindfulness and Life’s Unfolding (International Enneagram Association Publications, 2017)


6416279  Cooled gas turbine component with adjustable cooling July 9, 2002

At least one adjustable restricting point is introduced into the cooling air path of a coolable gas turbine component, and means which make it possible to change this restricting point during the operation of the machine are provided. In this way it is possible to adapt the amount of cooling air fed to the component continuously to the specific operating conditions.

6224328 Turbomachine with cooled rotor shaft May 1, 2001

Turbomachine, in particular a compressor of a gas turbine, having rotor blades (11) and guide vanes (12), in which individual or all guide vanes (12) are configured as cooled vanes. The cooled vanes (12) have air guidance ducts (13) which emerge into outlet openings (14) in the region of the vane tips (15). Cooling air (K) is ejected through the outlet openings (14) and impinges at high velocity onto a rotor shaft (18). The cooling effect which can be achieved by this means is optimal and, in addition, leads to a raising of the compressor efficiency and the surge line.