What’s it like to work with the Leadership Sculptor?

On this page I’ll tell you the kind of results my clients have reported and I’ll also give you a sense of my guiding beliefs, approach to client projects and how I’m different than most consulting and coaching companies.

Expected results

When you work with me you can expect to see desirable changes in your leadership and your team’s productivity and commitment.

  • You will learn how to express your own style of leadership. You’ll be able to leverage the scientific and technical skills you’ve used for years so that you can apply a range of tools to sculpt your leadership approach to meet your business challenges.
  • You will clarify your professional vision and learn how to engage your team to reach it. And more.
  • You will deal effectively with conflicts, recognize their value and learn how to turn them into an engine for improved creativity and enhanced productivity.
  • Your people will learn how to solve their own problems. You’ll acquire the tools to coach your staff to solve most of their own problems. This will free up more of your time for your work and also grow them to independence.
  • You will balance the conflicting demands of your superiors and staff. You will find ways to get the results you need under ever-tightening budgetary and time constraints, while retaining the commitment of your staff.

He helped me with the tools, but much more importantly I now understand that these issues around time management were just symptoms pointing to some deeper challenges. Meeting these has brought a big shift in my leadership. I now understand that power is not a burden, but much more a lever to give me the freedom I need to do the research I want to. In addition, I now have pragmatic tools that help me to delegate and to help my people to learn how to solve their own problems.

His approach to get me to observe and collect data about my own behaviour and thoughts has been invaluable. Getting used to viewing issues from a new perspective opened up new solutions quickly. The coaching also helped me to calm down and to complete the majority of my project proposals on time without burning the midnight oil.

Prof. Katja Schmitz
Clemens Schöpf Institute for Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry
TU Darmstadt

Guiding Beliefs and Values

Great R&D balances results with the needs of the people. R&D is not only about results, it’s also about finding the right blend of creative and methodical scientists and engineers to achieve them. In special cases, it can take years to build such a team … and just seconds to break it.

There is always an answer. As long as we haven’t bumped up against the laws of nature, any problem can be solved. Sometimes they just take a bit longer to yield their charms.

Every person is capable of expressing their own leadership; the only requirement is a willingness to take responsibility for what they do and leave undone. Leadership is an art – as with any art form, the tools of the trade can be learned and then applied to express the person’s individuality.

My Approach

I’m flexible. I know that you prefer to spend your time working than with a coach or consultant. That’s why I tailor each project so that you achieve your results with a minimum of fuss. Each step of the way, I can adapt to your current needs.

I’m responsive. When we’re working together, I ensure you get the level of availability you need. This is subject to not being in session with another client of course. After all, you wouldn’t like our work together to be interrupted by someone else either.

It’s enjoyable. People learn better and faster when they’re enjoying themselves. Many clients remark on how much fun they’re having, even when they’re working hard. You will too.

My Uniqueness

What makes my coaching stand out is almost 20 years experience in working and managing in a variety of successful R&D environments. I understand what it takes to get results under these conditions. I also understand, through my work with hundreds of leaders in R&D, what it takes to help someone else achieve their results.

You got to where you are today because you’re an excellent scientist or engineer. Over the years I’ve figured out how to apply scientific skills in a slightly different way in order to solve leadership and management challenges. Leadership Sculptor ® comprises a flexible set of tools that allows you to express your intellectual, emotional and intuitive capabilities to the full. Together we figure out which of these tools you need so that you can succeed in your job.


Now that you have a better idea of results you can expect and how I work, now learn about my services.

(Photo: STEEX)