Developing goals together

A commonly held misconception is that the boss must set the goals. It is helpful is they know in which direction they want to move their team. However, involving their staff in developing the goal, helps to bring a different spirit into the organisation.

Through this involvement in formulating the goal, staff are prepared to do everything in their power to help achieve the target. It is no longer something handed down “from above”.

Many managers find it difficult to let go and to involve their staff actively in the goal-setting. If this sounds familiar to you, then think for a few moments about what is holding you back. Usually it has something to do with fear. How real is this fear? What could really go wrong? Maybe everything is starting to look dark. Now just imagine that you can feel the relief of knowing that you don’t have to have all the answers yourself.

The final decision rests with you and at the same time you can find out what potential is in your staff.

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