Leadership Sculptor celebrates its expansion into book publishing

Leadership Sculptor is pleased to announce the launch of its expansion into book publishing with “Somebody? Nobody? – The Enneagram, Mindfulness and Life’s Unfolding” by Mary Bast, PhD and CJ Fitzsimons, PhD. The book contains helpful insights by the nine styles of people on their development and growth.

Baden-Baden, Germany – November 21, 2017 – In their latest book, respected coach Mary Bast and well-known leadership developer CJ Fitzsimons have drawn together moving and inspiring personal accounts from people for each Enneagram style. Readers will be impressed by the openness and courage displayed in these life stories. This book is appropriate for all readers and offers a valuable resource to coaches, counsellors and therapists for better understanding their clients.

Mario Sikora, an internationally recognised Enneagram teacher, executive coach and author, remarked “these are stories of real people speaking about themselves with authenticity, not narratives based on theory or speculation about what goes on in the minds of others. Ironically, it is the naturalness of these stories that validate the theory. There is much to learn about the Enneagram in these pages.”

The Enneagram system of personality, which is built around nine styles of people, is a key tool for enhancing awareness of ourselves and our role in key relationships in our lives. Rather than relying on a theoretical exposition, the authors have put together a collection of life stories about how people develop and grow in real life. In leadership, as in life, the key to development is reflection. Each chapter is rounded out by a commentary on the stories and some questions for personal reflection.

Somebody? Nobody? – The Enneagram, Mindfulness and Life’s Unfolding is available through www.amazon.com, its local affiliates, or local bookstores.

About Mary Bast

Mary Bast, PhD is an Enneagram coach who works with clients worldwide by phone. In addition to her Enneagram-related books, which include Out of the Box Coaching with the Enneagram and Out of the Box Self-Coaching Workbook, Mary is a poet (Eeek Love; Time Warp; Toward the River; Unmuzzled, Unfettered), memoirist (Autobiography Passed Through the Sieve of Maya), artist (www.marybast.com), and editor in chief of Bacopa Literary Review. Learn more about Mary’s books and blogs on her Amazon.com author page.


About CJ Fitzsimons

CJ Fitzsimons, PhD, the founder and CEO of Leadership Sculptor, lives in Germany and works internationally. Clients include leading research institutes in Europe and North America, as well as companies like Airbus, BASF, Bayer and Daimler. He is co-editor and co-author of Internationales Projektmanagement – internationale Zusammenarbeit in der Praxis, the first book to apply the Enneagram in project management, and three other books on project management. Introduced to the Enneagram in the 1990s, he has been using it in his leadership development work since 2001. He was vice-president of the International Association in 2012—13.


About Leadership Sculptor

Leadership Sculptor GmbH is at the forefront of professional leadership development, providing innovative, tailored training and coaching for performance improvement with leaders in scientific and engineering research.

For more than 18 years, Leadership Sculptor has delivered creative, practical and custom-built development programs to fulfill its mission of challenging habitual ways of thinking, creating value and supporting bottom-line results to customers internationally.  Leadership Sculptor is a consultancy headquartered in Baden-Baden, Germany. Leadership Sculptor Press publishes books that help leaders develop their personal and leadership capacities.

For more information on Leadership Sculptor development programs, upcoming events, or publications, contact us at +49 (172) 737 45 09, email info@leadershipsculptor.com or visit us online at www.leadershipsculptor.com .  

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