You never know

Two handy skills for leaders:

  1. keep your eyes open
  2. learn to comminucate through stories.

On Christmas Eve both came together. We were invited to a Christmas drinks party, very off-duty. Then again, you never know! There I met an American, who lives one valley over from us. He’s Eric May, an Emmy Award-winner for CBS, who now consults and coaches, specialising in TV and storytelling. The time together just flew. I’m interested to see how this acquaintance develops. In the meantime, I’ve been visiting his site which has lots of useful resources on storytelling.

Definitely one to be continued.

One Response to You never know

  1. Just a note to point 2.
    Well stories are most of the times very funny, amazing and breathtaking. But when comes to action, you will see that is not easy to do that is similar way.

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