Twitter goes Enneagram Teachers Weekend, Part 2

You may need to read Parts 0 and 1 of this series to make some sense of what follows.

As ever, at such events, the side conversations are the best; especially the misunderstandings. I had so much fun discussing different approaches to leadership development after lunch that I missed out on the Gurdjieff Movements hour. Oh, well! There’s always next year.

The first afternoon panel was with Type 1, often called the Reformer or Perfectionist. Their focus is on what’s wrong and on how to improve it. The burden eases when they begin to realize that things can be perfect, even without their intervention.

cj76530: #enneagram 1 panel: when I stop judging, I can accept what is.

cj76530: #enneagram 1: to criticise me is to reject me (unless I’m having a good day)

cj76530: Q to #enneagram 1: how do you allow yourself to be loved? Ans: I wish I were easy to love.

Type 4 is sometimes called the Artist or Individualist. Their focus is on what’s missing in their lives; they can quickly become bored or dissatisfied with what they have. So part of their development is learning to accept their differentness and to begin to embrace the ordinary.

cj76530: #enneagram 4: it’s a relief to know that I’m not the only one from another planet.

cj76530: #enneagram 4: Unspectacular feelings bring me back to Source: small is beautiful.

cj76530: #enneagram 4: the world needs someone who’s different: that’s me!

Type 2 should have been up next, but there was nobody of that Type at the weekend.  They are often called the Helper or Giver and have a great gift of being able to intuit what others need. (The board passed on my idea of sending out an emergency e-mail, to see if any 2s would jump in at the last moment.)

We passed on smoothly to the 8 panel. Type 8s are sometimes called the Boss or Protector or Champion. Often seen as the archetypal leader, they can seem larger than life. The energy and power they show usually masks an innocence they feel the need to protect from the outside world. Part of their growth path involves learning to blend the power and the innocence.

cj76530: #enneagram 8 panel: excessive spirituality is also not the answer.

cj76530: #enneagram 8 panel: Heart music brings me in genuine contact.

cj76530: #enneagram 8 panel: too much Belly energy masks the rest: antidote, drop thoughts of revenge.

cj76530: #enneagram 8 panel: respectlessness towards the world is the negative-mirror of my internal innocence.

Joining in from Iowa:

@cj76530 As an 8, I tend 2 cast things in terms of winning & losing. Growth is triumphing over my obstacles (or at least not losing 2 them)

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