What Type of Leader am I?

I came across an online Enneagram test today; it pegged me correctly as a 9w8. Looking around the site, I noticed a Famous Leader test, which comes in different sizes. When I took the nine question version of the test, my style came out to be Albert Einstein.

With a Ph.D. in maths, the comparison made me chuckle. There is a more detailed version of the test, with 18 questions. Curious, I took this version.

Okay, now I’m like Abe Lincoln. However, we’re not done. What about the 27 question version of the test?

And the full monty … all 45 questions?

The author of the test put it up with a caveat. So, the results are to be anjoyed with a pinch of salt. In Enneagram terms, my leadership style has shifted from Five (Einstein) to Nine (Lincoln) to Seven (Kennedy) to One (Gandhi). Just as well Types Six or Eight didn’t show in my results. Take the test and you’ll see why.

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