After the break …

I’ve taken a break from blogging since my last entry just after our architect’s suicide. It was a good way to process the emotions and keep my energy for the important day-to-day tasks in maintaining my relationship and running the business.

Garden - before
Behind our house a garden has lain untended for years. We have negotiated a lease on the space and yesterday we started with the help of two gardeners to prepare the garden for use and enjoyment. We unearthed (literally) a terrace, freed-up the hortensia and discovered a rose.

Five hours spent with a total focus on the next step, in touch with nature. Ideas flowed. More importantly, I tanked energy. Sometimes it doesn’t have to be complicated to recharge one’s batteries. It reminds me of how my father used to spend an hour in the garden after returning from a hard day’s work – he was onto something!

When it stops raining, I’ll take and post a picture of how the garden looks after our work.

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