Putting things in perspective

Over the past few months we have been renovating the house we bought last Autumn, so that I and my partner can have our own practices on the ground floor. Last Sunday our architect passed away suddenly. There’s been lots of speculation about how and why. That’s not helpful at this time. Some comforting thoughts for his wife and the hope that he rests in peace feel more appropriate to me.

I’ve hesitated about writing about this and have decided to for a several reasons. First, I noticed how it affected me, although we had only gotten to know each other over the past eight months. Secondly, the event offers a timely reminder to think about leadership issues.

Many authors write about how lonely it can be as a leader. Who do you confide in? With whom can you bounce wild ideas around? With whom can you discuss your fears and worries? How do you deal with work, when it gets to be too much?

A friend of mine, also an Enneagram teacher, uses the metaphor of an alarm clock. Our daily pattern of behaviour is like being in a trance and we need occasional alarm calls in order to wake up and take stock for a moment of where we are. He and I send each other an occasional mail or call and the other “checks-in”. Who could you buddy with for an alarm call?

Death offers a chance to put the ups and downs of life into perspective. I would have preferred to get this reminder in a gentler way. May Thomas rest in peace.

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