InterPM 2008

The dust has settled on this year’s InterPM conference on Innovation through Project Management, where Klaus Wagenhals and I (representing metisLeadership) held the Open Space at the conference.

We also facilitated an interdisciplinary warm-up workshop in which participants experienced the different perspectives on innovation that different professions hold. Of 80 participants, only four had a sociology or psychology background. Yet, by the end of the workshop, almost all present wanted to learn more about their perspective. More sociologists and psychologists next year, please!

The highlight of this year’s conference was Prof. Gerd Gigerenzer’s talk on gut feelings, or how we really take decisions. He succeeded in communicating a rich and challenging topic in a lucid and engaging manner. His research shows how – in many cases – less information leads to better and faster decisions.

Another take-away from the conference was the increased interest project managers are showing in learning how organisational psychology can help them, in particular for managing change projects.

Klaus and I will be reporting on InterPM at the annual organisational psychologists conference in Fellbach, near Stuttgart, on Wednesday. Maybe we can encourage a few more to attend next year’s InterPM.

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