We did it – and we’ve done it for a year!

June 15th marks the first anniversary of Leadership Sculptor offering online courses. It may have been sparked by necessity, but so far, we’ve conducted over 40 online workshops with another 40 planned for the rest of the year. It’s probably safe to say that our online courses are here to stay and we’re looking forward to a peaceful coexistence with our well-renowned in-person courses in Europe, North America and India. We at Leadership Sculptor are just happy to be able to deliver both – depending on your needs and abilities. To mark this anniversary, we will be posting several articles on our online journey in the coming weeks, both to share with you what we learned, and to give you some ideas for how you work online with those you lead.

Leadership Sculptor teaches leaders to express #enduringleadershipexcellence
If you’d like to find out more, please e-mail info@leadershipsculptor.com

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