Projects as Cultural Experiences: interPM 2009 video


Projects have their own rhythm. The classical instruments of project management only take you so far. Last year, the interPM conference focused on the role that culture plays in shaping a project’s rhythm. The GPM (German Project Management Association) has just released a video of the conference, Projekte als Kulturerlebnis (Projects as Cultural Experiences). This video (language alert: it’s in German!) is full of helpful insights from experienced project managers on the role that cultural differences play in shaping a project.

The video also heavily features an interdisciplinary workshopthat Klaus Wagenhals and I (as metisleadership)  facilitated  to warm up the conference participants. We also held the Open Space part of the conference. The workshop had two purposes: first, to warm up the participants, so that they would work well and openly together. Second, to help people experience the range of different perspectives and experiences (and prejudices!) present in the room. The resulting conversations were deep and the Open Space livelier than ever.

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