Projects between a Rock and a Hard Place

Project Managers face dilemmas every day; it comes with the job. Project management has developed as a discipline to help managers deal with their dilemmas.  The basic one is how to reconcile the sponsor’s demands for efficiency with the end-users’ quality needs. This has always been so, probably ever since the pyramids were built. However, in recent years, the pressures resulting from this dilemma have grown enormously. The drive to reduce costs, reduce time-to-market and improve quality is relentless.  The search for ever better tools and processes to manage the projects is not enough: such technologies helped to trigger this dilemma in the first place by suggesting everything can be managed.

The search for a more appropriate form of project management is on! Therefore, this year’s interPM conference in Glashütten, near Frankfurt, will explore this dilemma for two days with a mixture of keynotes, presentations, open space workshop and fishbowl sessions. In the first keynote, Prof. Juergen Tautz will show us what the honey bees can teach us about effectiveness. In the second, Prof. Werner Mellis will explore the “Mission Impossible” of how to resolve the dilemma in IT projects. Klaus Wagenhals and I (as metisleadership) will again facilitate the interdisciplinary workshops and hold the Open Space.

If you would like to participate in this project management conference, you can register here. If you have any questions regarding this interdisciplinary conference, which I am helping to organize, please get in touch.

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