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The @EMBO Lab Leadership is back in the USA
The @EMBO Lab Leadership Course is back in the USA at @ScienceStowers in Kansas City July 26-29, 2022. Here’s Anja Zeigerer on how she benefited from the course: Go her [more]
The post-pandemic need for leadership presence
Do your people trust you? Do you trust them? Well, newsflash: if you want to lead in the post-pandemic world, you will have to trust your people. And in turn hope that they’ll trust you.Gone are the days where you could always have an eye [more]
We did it – and we’ve done it for a year!
June 15th marks the first anniversary of Leadership Sculptor offering online courses. It may have been sparked by necessity, but so far, we’ve conducted over 40 online workshops with another 40 planned for the rest of the year. It’s proba [more]
Advent Calendar 24
We at Leadership Sculptor wish you a joyous and safe Christmas season, and look forward to seeing you again in 2021! [more]
Advent Calendar 23
Coaching your people to solve their own problems (monkeys), frees up a lot of your time for the things only you can do (unicorns)! #betterresearchleadership#enduringleadership#leadershipexcellence [more]
Advent Calendar 22
Helping them to understand which level of initiative is taboo, and which level is acceptable when, can really boost your people's initiative and their effectiveness. #betterresearchleadership#enduringleadership#leadershipexcellence [more]
Advent Calendar 21
Are you uncomfortable with conflict? Remember that disagreement is not necessarily conflict. It's just disagreement. Talk about it before it becomes a conflict - before unpleasant emotions are added into the mix.  #betterresearchleadershi [more]
Advent Calendar 20
This is a natural time of year to reflect, to assess oneself, and to think about the future. Therefore, I am offering a complimentary leadership assessment and debrief session in January to the first five leaders who contact me directly [more]
Advent Calendar 19
Using effective tools from coaching, leaders can help their people to GROW -- in performance, as researchers and as people. #betterresearchleadership#enduringleadership#leadershipexcellence [more]
Advent Calendar 18
"Every happy family is happy in the same way" --Anna Karenina. And every high-performing team expresses the same eleven qualities: #betterresearchleadership#enduringleadership#leadershipexcellence#betterresearchteams [more]
Advent Calendar 17
Understanding where your team is in its development is key to improving both performance and atmosphere. Sometimes, it even goes like clockwork! #betterresearchleadership#enduringleadership#leadershipexcellence#betterresearchteams [more]
Advent Calendar 16
Stuck on an issue? Try and run it by someone with a completely different perspective - just for inspiration. #betterresearchleadership#enduringleadership#leadershipexcellence [more]
Advent Calendar 15
Did you know that as people we tend to have an unconscious focus on one of three things: Do I have the resources I need? Do I know my place in the hierarchy? How can I get my message across? And make sure you have someone to cover that on which you [more]
Advent Calendar 14
Lack of clarity about our own performance as leaders is about our own filters, misconceptions, or lack of self-confidence. Self-reflection is an antidote -- and coaching provides support for this, as well as for your performance, and that of your t [more]